Voltage Reducers

We supply 400 Amp & 600 Amp Voltage Reducers. Rugged design with a 6 mm thick cast housing.
Our Voltage Reducers have been designed to reduce the output voltage of AC and DC Manual Metal Arc (MMA) welding machines to a low voltage when welding is not in progress (nominal 14.5 V DC). This minimizes the risk of electric shock from potentially hazardous open circuit voltages. The open circuit voltage of the power source is used to drive the unit and thus eliminates the use of internal power sources such as batteries.
A contactor isolates the electrode output of the welding machine to ensure maximum safety. A mentoring circuit in the unit continuously senses the resistance between the electrode and work clamp and will switch on when a resistance lower than the preset resistance is sensed. In the case of a short circuit across the electrode and work clamp such as an electrode stuck to the work piece, the unit will switch to a low voltage position and will remain low until the short is removed.
When the arc is broken after the weld , the unit will return to the low voltage in approximately one second.
Additional Safety:
If body resistance or any resistance other than welding accidentally switches the unit on, the unit will switch off within approximately 80 ms and stay off until the resistance has been removed from the output. The unit will trip out and lock out if the contactor driver malfunctions.
The unit is housed in a robust aluminium casting reducing corrosion and wear. Input and output terminals are fitted beneath covers reducing the risk of operators bypassing the unit
Our Voltage Reducers comply to SABS and IEC standards and a risk assessment has been done.