We are distributors for Lukas, Pferd and Bulldog abrasives with a comprehensive range of products for all your needs.
Products include

Abrasive Sponges
ASVT Nylon Discs
Angled Sheets – Floor Paper
Backing Pads
Belts Cloth
BurrsBurr Sets …
Cabinet Paper Sheets
Caps & Holders
Ceramic Mounted Point
Coated Abrasives/Hermes…Cones
Cool Jobber Disc
Cup Stones
Cup Wire Brushes
Cutting Discs
Cutting Discs – Ultra Thin
Diamond Blades
Diamond Cutting Discs – Vacuum Brazed
Emery Cloth Sheets
Economy Handy Rolls
F Felt Points
File Handles
Fibre Glass Bur
Fibre Discs
Flap Wheels -Shaft Mounted
Flap Discs
Fleece Rolls
Fleece Wheels
Floor Paper Rolls
Floor Sanding Notched/Angled Sheets
General Purpose Grinding Wheels
Giant Flap Wheels
Giant Flap Wheels of Abrasive Fleece
Green Production Paper Rolls
Grinding Discs – Applications
Grinding Discs – Primeflex
Gold Sheets
Hand Sanding Sponges
Handy Rolls – Economy Rolls
Hermes Coated Abrasives
JetfleLamellar Flap Discs
Marbling Point
Masonry Cutting Discs
Mounted Points
Notched Sheets – Floor Paper
Pencil Brushes
Pedestal Grinding wheels
Plastic File Handle
Polishing Points
Portable Belts
PRIMEFLEX Cut/Grinding Discs
Quick Change Discs
Resin Bonded Cup Stones
Resin Bonded Rubbing Bricks
Resin Bonded Snagging Wheels
Resin Fibre Disc
Rubbing Bricks
Rotary Carbide Rasp
Rotary Carbide File
Scotchbrite-Primebrite Rolls/Handpads
Semiflex Discs
SIC Alu Mounted Points
SLT Flex Flap Disc
SLTT Polishing Discs
SLTR Lamellar Flap Discs
SLTV, Nawaroflex polishing discs
Snagging Wheels
Spindle Mounted Wire Wheels
Spirabands & Holders
Stearate Dry Flatting Sheets
Steel Cutting Discs
Steel Grinding Discs
Stick-It Discs
Tungsten Carbide Burrs
Tyre Burrs
Velcro Discs
Vitrified Grinding Wheels-Grey/Green
Water Paper Sheets
Wire Brushes/Wheels