Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutter Doors

Fabrication, Installation, Repairs and Servicing.
A wide range of roller shutter doors of the best quality are manufactured at our premises in Pretoria West Industrial.
Besides the fabrication, our service also includes the installation of these doors and many hundreds of units have been installed at industrial parks, shop fronts and windows, factories, mines, fresh fruit markets, flea markets and a host of other venues.

Most frequently used doors are:

Push up operation

This system is used on relatively small doors and is characterized by a spring-loaded barrel that counterbalances the weight of the curtain. Operation is done by lifting up or pulling down the curtain

Crank handle operation

For larger doors – this is a manually operated system where a handle is turned and the curtain is effectively lifted or lowered. This is an easy to use and quite effortless system.

Chain operation

This is a cheaper system also used for larger doors where an endless chain turns a gear which is attached to a barrel  to lift or lower the curtain.

Electrical operation

Mostly used where frequent opening and closing is required and can be used on all size doors. An electric motor is fitted which turns the barrel and is controlled by switches
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