We have a well equipped workshop where repairs, services, demo’s, etc. are done.

Our staff is well trained and have many years of experience in all the above.

Repairs are done on most brands of Welding machines, Plasma cutters and Generators and we also refurbish machines that are acquired by trade-ins and purchased.

These items are sold at affordable prices and below is a list of some items we have in stock:




Matweld 500 MIG welder Complete with MB36 Torch, Flow meter & Earth cable







MIGATRONIX 300 amp compact MIG welder – R 11995.00 excluding VAT





MIGATRONIX MIG welder 300 amps R 111995.00 Excluding VAT







WESKEN 300 amp  MIG welder  – R 9995.00 excluding VAT








2 X SIPE 3 phase 250 amp MIG welders complete for R7500.00 excl VAT each








2 off x Thermaax 500 MIG Welder in Mint condition  R 40000.00 excl VAST




New AMIG 350P Double Pulse MIG Welding machine
Single & double pilse 
Built in Wter Cooler
100 Job inputs.
Price R 40000.00  Complete package.







Rotary Manipulator 250 kg with  Hydraulic pump, foot control, rotary speed adjustment.
R23000 incl VAT







Cloos 400 MIG welder with internal water cooler
Price – R 22000.00 excl VAT


Arc welder with moving core 250 amp 220 / 380 volt.
Price – R 2300.00 Incl VAT

Arcweld 300 amp Inverter R 5175.00 Incl VAT

Lincoln AC DC


300 asmp TIG Welding Machine
R 22000.00 complete





ESAB 500iAmp MIG Welder 

R 15000.00 excl VAT