Matweld is a brand name from Matus and we have been

distributors for their products over a long period. The Matweld

welding products are of the highest quality and their extensive

range is to be found in all areas of South Africa and is used  by both

DIY and Industry.



Matweld 120 amp


  Matweld 150  am   p


Matweld 200 amp


Matweld 300 380 volt  welder


 Image 1

Matweld 400 380 volt welder



Matweld 500 amp


TIG Welding Machines

Mastweld 200 amp DC TIG welder


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Matweld 200 & 315 AC DC TIG welders



  • Matweld 200 & 250 amp MIG welders

The Matweld MIG 250Y is a professional level multi process welder ideally suited for the DIY enthusiast to professional welder or fabricator.

Matweld Multi process welderv 250 aamp


Matweld 350 MIG welder
Transnsformer type nd Inverter type


Matweld 500 MIG welder
Transformer type and Inverter type



Plama Cutters

 Matweld plasma cutters 40 / 60 / 80 / 100amp



 Hot Boxes & Baking Ovens 


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Matweld Hot Box 220 Volt 5 kg



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